Come to Boston!


In four weeks the Passion tour is going to roll into Boston.  It’s their first stop on their regional tour.

On Louie Giglio’s blog he talks about why Boston is so significant and why it’s such a hard city to minister in.

But, beyond the sheer numbers of students and campuses of influence, we are drawn to Boston and New England because of the challenging spiritual climate. People say it’s a spiritually dark city, and I agree. In the little video story we have included you’ll see me down at Faneuil Hall in the midst of a huge election event, talking about people coming to worship Jesus at a Passion Tour event a few blocks away. As I was speaking on camera a women walking behind me, when hearing the name of Jesus, came up behind me and tried to put some kind of hex on me. Strange as that sounds, it’s a fit with the spiritual tension that permeates the city.

There are two great videos at the bottom of the blog post about Passion’s last visit to Boston in 2003.  It’s pretty clear in hearing the story of this visit that God has plans for Boston and is making a way through the darkness.

Please pray for the Passion crew as they prepare for the event and let any college students you know in New England about the event.  Please also pray that this can be a transformational event for Boston.


5 thoughts on “Come to Boston!

  1. I went in 2003, it was pretty cool. The only downside to this time around is that it’s pretty much the worst timing for college students. This weekend conflicts with about 60% of college homecoming weekends or family/friends weekends. And because housing isn’t included, there won’t be nearly as many students from outside Boston attending. I know it will be a big thing for Boston, and I know the IV groups in Boston are foregoing their own conference and instead encouraging students to go to this – which is cool. My main prayer is that through IV student involvement, Passion might catch a great glimpse and vision for mutliethnicity, something they notoriously lack in both worship style and in-front leadership.

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  3. I never really do this, but you people have to understand why Boston is so “dark”. It is considered to be “The Brain of America”. Your religion is thoroughly studied in various schools of thought, where there are more colleges/universities per capita than most other places in the states. Your religion is the exact story of Horus, 3000 years prior to Yeshua’s existence. Your religion’s influence in politics is also frightening to many people. Benjamin Franklin said something along the lines of lighthouses being more useful than churches. The founding fathers wanted a separation of church and state, which didn’t happen. They are buried here, rolling in their graves. With the freedom of choice being practiced here more than other places, and with the various languages allotted for one to choose when at an ATM, the cultural and intellectual composition often experiences difficulties when it comes to your brainwashed product. We aren’t out there running rampant through the streets of middle/southern America, “preaching”/professing what is factual without any empiricism. So please, understand, we LOVE being dark. 🙂

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