Ever think about ministry opportunities where you can be ministering to people on the streets right where they are at and being Jesus’ hands and feet in the midst of a busy place full of people who desperately need Jesus?

One of the busy 24/7 mission centers around the world is in Ibiza, Spain.  A beautiful island off the coast of Spain.

Brian Heasley posted on his blog this week a request for people to pray about whether they are being called to join the team there.  Right now they have 4 adults and they are hoping to grow to 10, so they can be a permanent base of year-round ministry.

I want to send out an urgent call for workers to come to the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. I am asking you to stand with us as we ask the Lord for ten people who will give three years of their lives to help us reap the harvest on this beautiful, messed-up island. Ibiza is one of the high places of culture, world renowned for its beautiful beaches and idyllic lifestyle but also for its hedonism.

We are caring for the poor. We are praying. We are making a difference. And we are dreaming of training schools and counselling services and discipleship courses and of making this place famous for the way it disseminated a sparkling new Jesus culture to the ends of the earth. The fields are white in Ibiza – the white isle – the potential for our mission is massive, but we desperately need re-enforcements – labourers for the fields – to join us here.

Check out his blog for more information.  Also for some really interesting posts on just about every topic!


2 thoughts on “Ibiza

  1. Well I guess everyone does want a piece of this island. Just make sure your mission is based on *compassion*, and not *power*. There are many different religions in the world – as many as are people. So don’t be so exclusive. Jesus was known for embracing everyone, from all walks of life. He didn’t enforce a “Jesus culture” on ANYONE. He just loved everyone. His love did the rest.

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