How to Pray for London

The images on my television this morning are shocking.  Burned out buildings and cars.  Emergency government meetings.  ‘Experts’ calling for the army to be called in.  It seems like another world.

Last night and this morning #prayforlondon was trending on Twitter.  People want to do something to somehow help.

Here are some suggestions of how to pray:

– Prayer walk your own neighbourhood.  While you’re there engage youths in conversation.  Befriend people, don’t fear them.

– Pray for the police.  Pray for their safety.  Pray for wisdom in tactics.  Pray that they don’t need to use violence.

– Pray for the rioters.  It’s easy to lump them together in a violent mob.  They are individuals made in the image of God.  Pray for the faces you see on television.  Pray for healing in their relationships.  Pray for jobs, goals and productive places to use their energy.  Pray for transformation in their lives and hearts.

– Pray for the local churches.  Pray that they are able to bring about reconciliation in their communities and be a place of peace and healing.

– Pray for politicians.  Pray that they have wisdom on how to deal with these events.  Pray that they can have clear heads as they made decisions that will impact the country for decades.

– Pray for the media.  Pray that they don’t make things worse by spreading fear and hatred.

– Pray for the British people.  Pray against fear.  Pray for calm.  Pray for safety.

– Pray for peace and shalom for our cities.  Pray for shoots of new life to come up amidst the charred remains of buildings.  Pray for heavy rain to discourage further gatherings.  Pray for hope and not fear.

– Pray for a way forward.  The obvious question is ‘what happens tonight?’.  Pray for God’s mercy on our country.

It’s heartbreaking to live through this.  Not only for the violence and destruction.  It’s heartbreaking for the years of fear and hatred that can come from this.  Pray for the healing of our country.


10 thoughts on “How to Pray for London

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  2. In reply to Fabio:

    That’s an easy way to see it. But trust me, we don’t pray because we’re scared of getting out there. I’d much rather get out there and help out, but I know that prayer is the key to seeing the situation changed, that’s where I’m most effective. Trust me, it can be easier to get out there and get involved than pray sometimes!

  3. Thanks for your beautiful and wisdom prayer. In my experience, it’s time to ask for some help to Saint Michael Archange and all the Choirs of Angels together with the Queen of Angels, the virgin Mary. God bless us all.

  4. I’m working in a church in Malaysia, and I have put London in the list of prayer items to be prayed for in the Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting tonight. God bless you all.

  5. We will pray for your nation (using your prayer points) in our church prayer meeting tonight. May God’s mercy and grace be poured out on you all. From friends in Melbourne, Australia

  6. Many thanks to all who are praying. Last night was quieter in London (though there were still some incidents), but the violence has spread to Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and a few other spots. Please keep praying for the country and for the generation who feels it has nothing to lose in destroying its communities. It’s a sad time.

  7. Fabio, it is well documented that in the 2nd world war people where praying in the streets, and those who spent days on their knees praying to God in Jesus name did so just before the battle of Britain which was a turning point in the war. It seems when Crown, government and people “humble themselves” and pray things do happen. God says that we,” have not because we ask not”!

    Alfred Tennyson once wrote “more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of “perhaps we should all PRAY and DO something after wards rather than not pray.

    eg I know of a women who was praying for the troubles in Romania in the 80’s, she was so distressed about the situation she didn’t know how to help. After the fall of Ceausescu, she felt that God gave her an idea to send seeds as everyone had been given a small parcel of land by the new government, she wondered how? she didn’t have any money to buy enough seeds, she approached the seed companies and asked them to donate seeds that they would otherwise destroy at the end of the season, they sent her seeds and volunteers delivered articulated lorries full of seeds that were distributed through the churches, she was sent photos of the crops and the families that benefited. This lady would not take any credit and felt it was such a small way of helping but the idea came because she had been in prayer for these people for so long and looked for an opportunity to help.

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