74: Quitter

The book Quitter by Jon Acuff was not the book I expected it to be.  Given the promo material, I expected a bit of an inspirational pep talk about pursuing my dreams and finding my way to my ideal job.

Instead this book is a bit of personal project management helping people position themselves to be able to pursue their dreams.

So, as someone who recently quit their job for sheer survival and am now facing the rather bleak job prospects and the need for lowered expectations, I wasn’t really the target audience.

Despite the fact that this wasn’t what I expected (or was looking for), I am going to recommend it to friends in the following circumstances:

– Those who need a personal mentor to help them fight through all the cultural noise around pursuing dreams and being 100% satisfied at their jobs.

– Those people who know what they want to be doing, but are currently doing something else and are frustrated.

– Those people who can see their dreams, but aren’t quite sure how to get there.

Acuff is a great personal project manager.  He breaks down the questions you need to be asking and the steps you need to be taking to put yourself in a good financial and professional situation to make a jump to achieve personal goals.

Where was this book 6 months ago?  Though, to be fair, my situation didn’t have a lot in common with his scenarios.  I looked everywhere for the chapter on “My job has driven my blood pressure sky high and is danger of shaking my faith”, but it wasn’t there.

I still got lots of interesting thoughts and tips out of the book.  Acuff is a funny and personable guy.  Having him read the book (this was an audio book) made the experience feel more like hanging out with a (long winded) friend than slogging through a career advice book.

This was my first audio book of the year.  I used to listen to lots of audio books on long car trips, but since I’ve been carless for 3+ years I’d forgotten about audio books.  It was nice to be able to ‘read’ and knit.



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