On Thursday I had to go in for my tooth reconstruction.  A couple of weeks ago I was eating a good breakfast of granola and yogurt when I heard a crunch.  A tooth had broken.  Now, it somehow feels like justice when I break a tooth while eating Doritos, but granola?  Seriously?  Not fair at all.

I arrived on Thursday with a little fear and trepidation.  In my defence, I’ve just moved back from England where it seemed like the dentist’s prescription for every ill was ‘pull the tooth’.  Umm… no.  This US dentist just reconstructed the tooth.  He gave me a shot of novacaine and went off to do something back.  When he arrived back a little later and started drilling the tooth the numbing wasn’t as thorough as either of us expected and I screamed in pain.  So, he gave me another good dose of novacaine.  Great, right?

I finish the dental appointment and go out to the car to come home and there’s a message on my phone.  It’s a call from somewhere I had applied for a job.  It looks like a good job and the guy on the phone is anxious to talk to me pronto.  Great!

Except I have no feeling in half my face.  I can’t put together a whole word, let alone a sentence.  Argh!  What timing.

By the time I drove home things weren’t much better.  Still sounded like I was slurring my words.  I waited another hour and people generally seemed to understand what I was saying.

Healthy piece of advice – let the freezing completely leave your mouth, tongue and jaw before attempting a job interview.  I think I was slightly less than impressive in the interview.  Thankfully, my resume was interesting enough that he wants me to come for an interview.  He suggested that I come up right away and interview in an hour.  Um no, I know when to cut my losses and try again next time.  Thankfully he gave me a time next week.  Note to self – no novacaine before this conversation!


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