The Pioneer Woman Freaks Out

A lot of people have heard of The Pioneer Woman Cooks blog (or spin off cookbook).  I’m thinking I should do a blog called The Pioneer Woman Freaks Out.

Moving to a rural area sounded like a good idea.  Look at all the pretty trees.  Look at the lovely pastoral scenes.  The fall leaves.  The space.  The stars.  What a great place to rest, recover and rebuild.  In theory.

In practice things are a little different.  Here are a few episodes.

Chickens and Fireworks Don’t Mix….

Last week the family that I’m staying with were a away for the day and around 6 pm I got a text asking if I could go out and lock the chicken coop for the night.  Right.  Me and the chickens aren’t the greatest of friends.  You can refer back to my Chicken Wrangling post for earlier examples of this.

So, I suit up in boots, rubber gloves and a heavy jacket.  I get out to the coop and most of the chickens are inside, but the rest are nowhere to be found.  And it’s dark.  So I decide to shut the coop and assume some chickens are better than no chickens!   When I go into the coop I realize that no one has collected any of the eggs today and they are everywhere.  So, picture me, the city girl, in a small wooden shed full of fairly jumpy chickens.  I’m trying to very carefully reach around the chickens and pocket the eggs.  By the time I very carefully stepped out all my pockets and my two hands are full of eggs.

I very carefully slide the lock in place at just the moment God has ordained for it to happen.  At that exact moment the skies erupt with what sounds like the soundtrack to downtown Bagdad.  Explosions everywhere.

Yes, the nearby university won their football game.

You know two things that don’t mix?  Chickens and fireworks.  The chickens went bananas inside the coop.  They pounded at the door and flew all over the place.  Boy was I glad I was on the other side of the door.

Of course, the missing chicken was frightened enough to come home and want to get back in the coop.  There was NO chance I was opening that door again.  I gave the chicken a lecture about arriving late and left her sleeping against the door (the family was going to check the chickens later).

The fireworks went on forever.  Those were some very frightened chickens!

Up next – Remembering I’m Canadian and more critters

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