76: The Long Winter

Having finished my previous novel and with the winds and snow just having started, I went to the bookshelf with a specific series in mind.  The Little House in the Big Woods wasn’t there, so I chose instead The Long Winter.

I read the ‘Little House’ books SO many times as a child and a teenager.  However, as the power went out and we all huddled around the stove, this seemed like the right choice.  And given that I read much of it by candle light, it did feel right.

It’s so wonderful when childhood favorites turn out to be so full of good writing.  It’s like rediscovering an old friend.  I once again lived the pain of unending blizzards along with Laura and her family.  I was so thankful for our own wood stove that kept us toasty warm as the storm raged on.  And as we had to do everything by hand (no power) I felt an affinity with Laura.  I even sewed a Laura Ingalls Wilder costume by hand for Halloween on Sunday.

I was surprised to get so into a ‘child’s’ book, but I really enjoyed it.  In fact, I may go see if I can find the next in the series!


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