So, snow in October.  Lots of snow in October.  And a blackout.  It’s a bit of a mess around here.

On the Friday before the storm we started hearing that the storm coming could be a big one.  It had snowed briefly the night before, so we knew that snow was possible, but the thought of lots of snow seemed too far fetched.

I read online that the combo of heavy wet snow and all the trees with their leaves still on was going to be a nightmare and power would definitely go out.  So, being a good Canadian, I dragged my friend out Friday night and stocked up on candles, batteries, flashlights and yarn (I felt the need to crochet warm things).  The stores were empty, which was a surprise to me.

Saturday dawned and the reports got worse and worse. I got up and started bringing in firewood.  I stacked some up inside and then started stacking more outside the door for easy access in the storm.  Then I went out to help raking the leaves already down.  Important to clear leaves off the walkways before the snow falls.

Then, like a geek, I went inside and charged my phone, ipod, speakers and laptop.

The afternoon was relatively calm.  The snow started right on time, but was relatively calm.  Then, mid-afternoon things started to get nasty with the snow coming down much harder.

And then the inevitable happened.  The power started to flicker.  And then flicker again.  And then it went out.  Thankfully there was still a little light outside, so we could find our flashlights and headlamps.

We pulled the cornbread out of the oven and transferred it to cast iron and popped it on the barbeque.  We swapped everything else to the barbeque and made a tasty dinner, which we ate by candle light.  After dinner it was dish washing (bleh) and then story time in front of the fire with candles and flashlights.  All sweet and fun, right?

After all the kids were tucked in their sleeping bags in front of the fire the adults headed off to bed.  We might as well have sat up by the fire drinking coffee for all that we slept.  No sooner was I tucked in bed (after reading a little by candle light – it turns out Kindles are hard to read by candle light!) than the evening’s entertainment started.

CRACK… pause …… BOOM.

The sound of the night.  Tree branches breaking and then falling.  The crack would come and I would tense up waiting to hear how close the boom would sound.  It got very scary as several fell very close to the house.  There was lots of time spent looking out the window to see how bad it was.  I even went outside a few times to see if the cars were safe.

It was a pretty terrifying experience, but eventually my tiredness overwhelmed the fear and I fell asleep.

The next thing I knew there was a knock at my door and little voices telling me they had brought me coffee.  So, I had coffee in bed to prepare me for the day!

As you can see from the pictures outside was a very strange place.  A mix of winter wonderland and tree massacre.  The house and cars were safe, but there were a lot of branches down.

Winter wonderland

Tree Massacre

Making pancakes in the snow

We made bacon and pancakes for breakfast on the woodstove and barbeque (yum!) and started transferring some of the stuff in the fridge out into the snow.  Like our dairy bar?

The day was a mix of playing in the snow and lots of stuff around the house.  Cooking and clean up take a lot more time without modern conveniences.  We managed to keep everyone fed (even roast beef for dinner) and tried to get things straightened while there was sunlight.

Rumors abounded about how long the power would be out.  Mid-Sunday we lost 3G and cell phone service, which made us feel more cut off than before, but a repair worker said that power might be back that night.  We prayed and prayed.

With Halloween coming the next day we regretted the decision to make the costumes by hand.  We spent the whole afternoon sitting around in the most light filled room cutting and sewing the costumes by hand.  A little frustrating.  My assigned costume was Laura Ingalls Wilder, which seemed somehow right to be sewing by hand.  Oh to have power again!

And then, in the evening as we sat around the fire reading books, the power came on full power.  No flickering.  Just there like it had never been gone.  I rushed to charge my phone and laptop and everyone rushed to get hot showers.  We checked the freezer and nothing in the big freezer was lost.  We had already polished off some of the ice cream during the afternoon, just in case.

The rest of the week was filled with friends who didn’t have power yet, playing in the snow (I taught the girls to make a snow fort) and cleaning up the yard.  I, of course, came down with a horrible cold.

We were all soo soo thankful for the wood stove, barbeque and the cast iron cooking vessels.  It was certainly inconvenient to lose power, but not nearly as bad as those who lost power for a whole week!


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