Thanksgiving!  A wonderful chance to stop, take a break from life and reflect on all that God has given.  I find it interesting that in this time of having ‘little’ it just serves to spotlight all that I do have.  Somehow my lack of money and status has helped me focus on the blessings flooding my life.

I have to say that this Thanksgiving I am particularly thankful for having such a tremendous group of friends.  The family that I’m staying with have been so incredibly generous and I have been so blessed to be part of the family during this rather crazy season of my life.

My friends with whom I’ll be sharing this holiday have been so incredibly supportive and generous with me, sending me off into the mission field and then later helping me to limp home.  I’m looking forward to awesome times with them.

My friend Sarah who dropped everything and hopped on a plane to have a few last minute adventure in the UK before I left.

My community here in Western Mass who have been so understanding as I did a little hiding out and healing.

My friend David who is still managing to give so much spiritual guidance, even from across the ocean.

There are so many more I could list.  My new bible study friends.  Friends who have supported me in my transition.  Friends from England who have stayed in touch.

I am a very blessed woman.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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