A Year to Wisdom

Daily Post Topic #308:

If you had the resources to spend a year doing whatever you’d like, and you chose the goal of becoming wise, what would you do with the year?

What a great goal for a year!

In an ideal world, I’d do the following:

Pray – Solomon was supposed to be the wisest person who ever was and he gained wisdom by praying for it, so the first thing I’d definitely do is pray.  Then I would devote large chunks of the year to prayer.

Learning – I would set aside some time to find some really wise people.  This doesn’t necessarily mean high intelligence or having lots of degrees, just people who are very wise.  Then I would spend lots of time with them and do lots and lots of listening.

Reading – Since all the wisdom of the world is not alive right now, I would do lots of reading of wise sages of the past.

Live – Wisdom is more than head knowledge, so locking yourself in a room with books and prayer isn’t the only language.  I’d need to make sure that I kept gaining experience and spending time reflecting on that experience, so that I could learn from it.

Write – Writing helps me to reflect and reflecting helps me to learn, so I would write down all that I was learning and how it could be applied.

Proverbs – I would read Proverbs over and over.

Sounds like a great year to me!


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