Looking Through the Artifacts of my Life

This past weekend I was visiting friends for Thanksgiving.  On Thanksgiving morning, as the rest of my friends went out for a walk or took a nap I opened the door to their storage area with a great deal of excitement.

Inside their storage area were 9 boxes that contained the remains of my life here four years ago.  When I had packed these boxes I was in a little bit of a hurry and hadn’t written down what was inside.  In the 3 intervening years I had wondered what would happen to these boxes.  If I stayed in the UK, would I someday manage to ship these boxes over?  Would I someday return to the US?

Once I knew I was return to the US, I started to wonder what I might have saved.  Was it all sentimental stuff?  Some practical?  The single item I remembered was my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.  The pride and joy of my kitchen before I left.

As I opened box after box I was delighted to see what I saved – a kettle, hand mixer, mixing bowls, books, some linens, personal stuff, photo albums, CDs, vases, winter boots, sneakers, suits…..  There were so many things I had been praying for (like the winter boots and sneakers) and many more that will be so practical when I finally get my new place.

I’m not sure how long I was in that room, but I came out feeling like I had been in a time capsule.  The tea towels that had hung in my kitchen.  The pictures that had graced the walls of all of my homes on this side of the water.  Plus items from my grandmothers that died over 10 years ago.

It was a very emotional morning, but it also felt like another big step into my new life.  The cookbooks that will live in a new kitchen.  The pots that will cook meals.

More steps forward.

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