Back on the Ice!

After two long years on land, on Friday I finally went skating again.  For someone who grew up skating, worked at a skating club and took skating lessons, two years is a long time.  And before that it was more than two years since I was on the ice.

The good news is that I can still skate.  After a tentative first step on the ice I took off and skated pretty well.  There were no spins or tricks, but I managed to skate both forward and backwards, skate with speed and stop without running in to the boards.  I was also able to teach some of my small friends some new moves to help their budding skating skills.  Bonus.

The bad news is that my feet appear to have grown, so my skates are a bit too small.  My feet fit in, but they cramp horribly when I skate, making the experience a little miserable.  Maybe they never fit properly because I can remember being in horrible pain when I was taking lessons.  Things improved (believe it or not) when I switched over to rental skates.  I wasn’t as confident of the edges (oh they were dull), but at least I wasn’t in pain.

My next challenge?  Hockey skates.  It’s one of those strange things on my bucket list (right beside driving a zamboni).  Who knows if I can do it, but it’s worth a try.  Here’s hoping I don’t break anything important!


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