The Crushing Weight of Rain

The other day we had a classic rainy day.  We woke up to cold rain and it just got rainier as the day went on.  By 3 o’clock it was already dark outside.


Everyone in the house commented on how lousy they felt.  We all went around as if we hadn’t really woken up that morning.  The breakfast left overs stayed on the table until dinner and no one noticed.  I couldn’t manage to write cover letters because I couldn’t really finish a sentence.

One of the little girls I live with said “Rain is so tiring”.  And she was right.  The rain somehow drained us all of our energy and left us looking like zombies.

How on earth did I manage to survive living 3 1/2 years in this kind of weather?  How did I get anything done?  How was I not constantly depressed?  How did I not go insane?

I can’t tell you how many times I checked my phone during the day to make sure that the rain was only around for one day and the next day things would go back to normal and the black cloud over us all would clear.


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