87: Gin O’Clock

Sure, I could be reading the Pulitzer Prize winning novel I started the other day.  Or, I could be working through the ethics book that has been changing my perspective for a couple of weeks.

But no.

Instead, I was blessed with the book Gin O’Clock through the postbox the other day from my former housemate Ineke.

Now, for those who are not among the hundreds of thousands following @queen_uk on Twitter, here’s the background.  There is someone on Twitter who pretends to be the Queen (Elizabeth II).  Whoever it is has an amazing sense of humor and an ability to push that sense of humor into 140 characters.  She has a go at various politicians and heads of state. There are running jokes on running jokes.  It’s pretty incredible.

And almost every working day she declares 5 pm Gin O’Clock.  Time to end the working day and pick up a drink.

I enjoyed this Twitter feed so much when I was in England.  She comments on television shows, politics, weather and Royal happenings.  Me and Ineke enjoyed sharing our favorite tweets from the day.  Overall, a little something to brighten the day.

For the last few weeks I’ve had a growing homesickness for England.  I miss so many of the quirky things about it.  The television stations.  The peculiar celebrities.  The stores.  Occasionally even the weather.

So into that homesickness comes this book, full of the phrases and pop culture of the country, not to mention so many memories of the last year.

The book is an expansion on the tweets for the year.  Written as the Queen’s diary for the year, it had me laughing out loud many many times.  Very amusing.  I had expected it to be rather slim, but it’s over 200 pages and took a few hours.  I’m sure I’ll be reading it again.

I’m not sure Americans would enjoy it as much.  There are so many English specific things and running jokes (such as the unlikely ‘love affair’ between David Cameron and Nick Clegg).  I do, however, recommend it for Brits.  Particularly those with a sense of humor (and who aren’t easily offended!).

This was my first Christmas present and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks Ineke!


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