Up North

Today I head up north to spend Christmas in Canada.  It’s the first tiem in three years – my last two were in Wales.  This will be very very different.

Looking forward to some relaxing, some photography and spending time with friends and family.

Not looking forward to?  The traveling!

The airlines changed all my flights at the last minute and I had to spend two hours on the phone negotiating to be put back near my original flights.  It turns out 7:30 am flights aren’t considere an ‘inconvenience’ by the airlines.  Well, when you live an hour from the airport and you have to be there two hours early, it is!  That means leaving home at 4:30 am.  Not likely!

I called Expedia to get it cleared up.  They hung up on my twice.  I had to deal with four different agents.  I was on the phone for over two hours.  And they acted like they were doing me a favor.  Ummm no.

Needless to say, I won’t be using Expedia again.  Last time they tried to fly me Hartford to New York via Detroit.  Even an elementary knowledge of geography says that’s a horrible plan.

So, I’m hoping for the best on actual flights today.  Otherwise, who knows where I’ll be spending Christmas.

Folks, don’t include Expedia on your list of travel sites.  Unless you like hours spent on the phone and travel nightmares!

And please God, no snow today!


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