My Favorite Experiences

Inspired by my friend Sarah (though lacking all the lovely holiday pictures she has up), here are some of my favorite travel experiences:

Washington DC during cherry blossom season

I booked my weekend in Washington without realizing that it was cherry blossom season.  What a wonderful surprise to get there and see all the amazing flowers.  I would have loved Washington without that, but it really made the trip special.

North Carolina State Fair

It might have been the crazy road trip to get there.  It might have been the company I was in.  I had the most amazing day in Raleigh enjoying the culinary adventure and sights and sounds of the North Carolina State Fair.  Anything you could imagine deep fried.  Sweet tea in a cup so big I swear it qualified as a bucket.  All kinds of things to see and do.

July 4th in New York City

I have any wonderful memories of times in NYC (thanks in large part to my friend Sarah having a condo there for years), but one of my favorites is being in the city over the July 4th weekend and taking in all the fireworks from her roof deck in Queens.

The Orangery at Kensington Palace, London

The second time I visited England (before I moved there) I was exploring London during a beautiful summer day.  Then the famous summer downpours hit and within moments my dream day in London was ruined.  I was drenched and where do you go when you’re walking in the park and this happens?  Well, I had planned to go to Kensington Palace, so I ducked into the Orangery to have tea.  Thankfully they didn’t throw me out for my drowned rat appearance and I got to have an elegant tea inside a beautiful building while I waited for the rain to subside.

To be continued…..


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