Top Posts of the Year

It’s been quite a year of blogging!  I went back and checked my stats out of interest to see which of this year’s posts were the most popular.  Now, this isn’t totally accurate because if someone just comes on to the main page of my blog I don’t have a record of which article they read (or know what day they were there), but here are my top 10 visited blog entries of the year.

1.  How to Pray for London – The day after the scary night of riots breaking out across London I wrote this article on how people around the world could be praying for the situation.  This was my top blog day ever.  Evidently a lot of people want to pray!

2. Lent – A blog post about the start of Lent and promoting the 24-7 lent podcasts.

3.  First Draft – A Post a Day topic about how much editing you do on your blog writing.

4. Pray for London – A hasty post written during the London riots.  In some ways I regretted it the next day, but I left it up, if only to capture honestly the fear of that night.

5. When to Pull the Pin – A post about a writing project I was working on.  I was stuck in the research phase and somehow couldn’t get myself pushed into the writing phase.

6. Hell and Heretics – A post about the controversy surrounding Rob Bell’s announcement of the Love Wins book.

7. Second Time Around – Strangely enough, a post about the second time I saw The King’s Speech and my impressions.

8. Accumulation – Written in the midst of packing for my end of January move.  How can one person living in a small room and having no money get so much stuff?

9.  The Day That Was – A humorous piece about the Royal Wedding day.

10. Dreams – In January I had a series of very realistic dreams that I was living back in New England.  I wrote them down on my blog.

It should be noted that both my Photography and Theology & Politics pages that I created this year got a huge amount of hits (that would definitely have put them on the top 10 list).

I’m a bit surprised by the entries that made the list (a post on packing??).  I suppose it makes sense that those reading blogs would be interested in posts on writing.


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