88: a complicated kindness

I picked up the book “a complicated kindness” by Miriam Toews with a reasonable amount of hope.  It was the winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award and a finalist for the Giller Prize.  It was set in a Mennonite community in Canada, so I thought it would be an interesting read.

My the time I finished the book I also had two sources of hope.  The first was the fact that I was finishing it and could now move on to a good book.  Possibly one that’s well written.  The second source of hope is the fact that my book challenge is over soon and then I WILL NOT BE FINISHING MORE BAD BOOKS FOR THE SAKE OF FINISHING THEM.

Seriously!  This was a drab and dismal book.  Perhaps that was the intent of the author.  If so, she succeeded in creating a painful reading experience.  Her misrepresentation of Mennonites is unfortunate.  Her lack of ability to write, tragic.

Needless to say, I won’t be taking Canadian writing prizes seriously in the future!

Skip this book, particularly at the holidays!


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