90: An Offer You Can’t Refuse

I have a bit of an unofficial Christmas tradition.  Ever since I was in university with no time to read fiction, over the Christmas holidays I would devour a light fiction book, often staying up most of the night reading.  Last year I ended up doing it only because I was so ill I couldn’t sleep.

I didn’t think about it this year, but then I started reading An Offer You Can’t Refuse.  And then it was quite good.  And then I was so close to the end.  And boom, it was 1 am (this is an improvement on past years).

I’ve read several Jill Mansell books this year and really enjoyed them.  None of them will strain too many brain cells, but they are a good quick read when you need something light.  Plus, they remind me of the UK, which is really nice.

I picked up An Offer You Can’t Refuse at the library the other day thinking that I probably wouldn’t have time to finish it (on top of the other books I was reading) and ended up reading it in just about a day.  Sure, she sticks pretty close to her formula, and sure it wasn’t award winning literature, but it was a really fun book with really fun characters.  I enjoyed reading it and adding it to my holiday reading tradition.

And, I hit the 90 book mark, which I wasn’t sure I would do.  Still have a few days left and several books partially read.


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