Sarah’s Key

When I decided at the beginning of this year to read books of substance I didn’t realize one of the side effects was going to be such a cloud of sadness.  Are all ‘books of substance’ full of suffering?  Can’t books of substance be written about happy topics?

My fifth book o the year was Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay.  I’m a little late to this bandwagon, as it’s been on the bestseller list forever and has already been made into a movie.  Can the book live up to the hype?  Yes.

Sarah’s Key is exceptionally well written and heart wrenching.  The portions narrated by the ten year old Sirka/Sarah chronicling the Vel’ d’Hiv’ round up of Parisian Jews and their subsequent treatment and shipment to death camps were particularly moving.  No one should know the pain and horror of the Holocaust, but to see it through the eyes of a child is horrible.

The life of Julia, the modern day character is less interesting, though still interesting.  Because of the movie posters, I couldn’t get the image of Kirsten Scott Thomas out of my head while I was reading.

I would recommend this book, but take care to keep tissues close at hand.  I also had trouble sleeping at different points of the book, as it was so disturbing.

Next stop on the book tour?  Something lighter!


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