Stuck Waiting

As hard as it is to anticipate a job interview, in some ways the days after are just as hard.  Did I prepare enough?  Did I say the right thing?  What now?

I had a very promising second interview on Tuesday for a job that looks quite good.  But, of course, it’s hard to tell in an interview what the job will really be like and what your colleagues will be like.

And so I’ve been sitting waiting for the phone to ring.  When it did, I got a surprise – an interview at another school.  Evidently the show must go on!

Stay tuned for the stunning conclusion of my job hunt!


2 thoughts on “Stuck Waiting

  1. Is this a 3rd interview or a 1st interview for a different job? Whichever it is, i am glad things are progressing and hoping you will get good news soon.

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