Pride & Prejudice

What is there that hasn’t already been written about Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen?  After reading Weekend With Mr. Darcy I was longing to read the real thing.  Thankfully I have all of Austen’s works loaded on my Kindle, so I was able to start right away.

I really thought I had already read P & P, but once I started reading I realized that I hadn’t.  I think I read Emma years ago, but I found the reading difficult.  This time, on the Kindle, I breezed right through it in a few days.  Publishers are doing no favors to classics by printing them in tiny print squished up on cheap paper.  With the print on the Kindle I had no trouble at all.

I love the character of Elizabeth Bennet (doesn’t every woman?).  And what is there to say about Mr. Darcy?

It was great to read some extra scenes that didn’t make the movie and to have the action and feelings unfold more naturally than they do in the movies.

Overall, a book that truly deserves to be a classic.  A great read.  I kept running off to read a few pages all through the day.

So, one more thing off the bucket list.  I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the Austen classics as well.


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