Photo Friday: Special Books

After all the reading I did last year, the most special books that I read never made ‘the list’.  Over Christmas my mother pulled out two books I had been waiting to read for years.

These are the five year journals of my great grandmother.  Full of all the trivialities of life, it was fascinating to get this glimpse into the world of this amazing woman.  She lived all her life on a small island in the Atlantic.  She went to work long before women went to work.  It was amazing about her celebrating world prayer day and going out to pray with the mission society.  I loved reading about the annual rhythms of her life – planting the garden, enjoying summer, harvesting the garden, pickling and ‘putting up’ and the drudgery of hard winters.

I also loved reading about the arrivals of her great grandchildren (including me!) and the list of major events in the back.  A man walking on the moon was listed beside buying a new dining room rug.

I’m so glad I had the chance to read these.  I knew her, but she died when I was 12, so I knew her as a child and now I feel like I knew her as an adult.


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