It’s The Little Things

On Sunday night, in the midst of the arrival of my cold, I sat down on my bed before crawling in and it went SPLAT.  It had been wobbly since I moved in.  However, since I noticed that as I was getting in to bed, I always forgot to look into it the next morning.  One of the cross supports had broken, so I pulled the mattress off and slept on the floor.

That went on for two days until I noticed I had pain in my hip and realized that sleeping on the floor might be fine for a college student, but I’m no college student.

Last night we worked on the bed and replaced the cross support.  It was a lot of concentration for me with my sneezing and runny nose, but we made it.  What a relief to crawl into an actual bed last night.  You don’t realize what a luxury it is to sleep on a bed until you sleep on the floor for a few nights.

My cold is pretty much running my life right now.  I am getting lots of reading done, but don’t feel much like writing about it.  How do you review The Marriage Plot when you can hardly put coherent thoughts together?  I started The Corrections last night.  So far I don’t like it, but I’m only 10 pages in, so we’ll see.  I also started Alice in Wonderland yesterday and am getting through that very well.  I’m grateful I can at least read during this cold.

I’m also catching up on some tv.  I’m almost caught up on Glee (why can’t I have Ricky Martin as my Spanish teacher) and have caught up on Pan Am and Grey’s Anatomy.  Time to get well now!


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