Do You Re-Read?

Right now I’m reading the book Emma and quite enjoying it.  Reading Austen reminds me of reading the Anne of Green Gables books for their classic quality.  Even as I’m reading them I know I’ll want to read them again in a few years.

Generally I don’t re-read fiction.  When I moved to the UK I took with me one book of fiction.  When I came back I only had a few fiction books.  I either get books out of the library or donate them to a charity shop when I’m finished.  It’s not that I didn’t enjoy them.  It’s just that there are very few books that I want to read more than once.  Even books that I would list among my favorites (The Poisonwood Bible, The Red Tent) I’ve only read once.

What about you?  Do you pick up the same fiction again and again?  Do you save all of your fiction books?  Or are you, like me, always looking for something new??


4 thoughts on “Do You Re-Read?

  1. The obvious follow up question is – which books do you keep? Which books do you consider worth re-reading??

  2. I am a total re-reader.. I read FAST even did as a child so we couldn’t afford the books to keep up.. so I reread. Its the most comforting thing!

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