Busy Busy Busy

I knew in theory that with one phone call life would change dramatically, however when that phone call came I was still a little overwhelmed by how quickly things could change.

I have a job.  I have a car.  I almost have an apartment.  In one week.  My head is still spinning.

First of all, the job.  I’ve been through a lot of applications and interviews during the 6 months of unemployment.  In fact, I had 12 interviews.  That’s a lot of talking!  Out of all those different applications there was one that stood out in my mind as a top choice.  When I got the interview I just hoped I wouldn’t get there and the interview would go horribly.  When I got the second interview I hoped that the person managing the possible wouldn’t be horrible and that I wouldn’t mess up.

None of that happened and I got my top job.  How crazy after all those other possibilities came and went.  I’m excited to get started.  It’s a project management job that will stretch and challenge me, but I definitely won’t get bored.

I also managed to find the car that I wanted.  I had a Corolla before I left and really wanted a Corolla or a Civic this time.  Something reliable that I wouldn’t need to think about.  I went into the first car place (where I went to sell my car back in 2008 and they were fantastic) and bought the first car I drove.  The financing came through beautifully and two days later I drove the car off the lot.

The apartment is almost finalized, so I’ll write more about that later.  But I should be able to move right from my current spot into something new very soon.

I’m feeling a little emotional whiplash after so much changing so quickly.  I’m also trying to keep all the paperwork from all these different things straight!

Thanks to everyone who has been so encouraging during these difficult months.  I know the road ahead will have challenges, but I’m so happy that this new chapter is starting.


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