On the Move (Again)

Yesterday I picked up the keys to my new apartment.  I brought up a trunk load of belongings to officially start the move.  I was feeling weary already.  Not really a surprise when you realize this is my third home in 15 months and my 12th home as an adult.

Most of this moving around started in 2008  when I packed everything up and moved to the UK, living in 4 places in the 3 1/2 years I was here.  When I moved back in September, I moved in ‘temporarily’ with some friends and am moving out on Saturday.

Some of the move highlights and lowlights:

– Most Naive Move – Tied between my move to Boston and my move to the UK.  When I set my mind to something I just dive right in.  In both cases the culture shock and the difficulty of everyday things like setting up a bank account were a little overwhelming.  They also required HUGE amounts of organization pre-move.  However, both were great experiences, so I’m thankful that I’m more than a little naive.

– Longest Distance Move – My moves to and from the UK.  If you leave something behind, there’s no going back!

– Shortest Distance Move – Moving 4 blocks in Guildford.

– Hardest Physically – I think that would be my shortest move.  Because it was such a short distance and I didn’t have a car, I carried most of my stuff in a suitcase I wheeled back and forth.  Very dumb.

– Easiest Physically – Probably my move to Western Massachusetts in 2004.  I had so many people helping me out and my friend Sarah came to help, which made things SO much easier.

– Weirdest Move – My move back from the UK.  I was in rough shape emotionally and thought I’d only be in my temporary home for a month or two.  I stayed 7 months and didn’t even unpack all of my stuff.  Felt like I was in limbo.

– Most Alarming Explosion of Stuff – When I moved in 2008 after arriving in the UK only 4 months earlier with 2 suitcases and hardly any income, I mysteriously filled a Land Rover with stuff.  How did that happen?

– Most Engineering Expertise Required – When I moved to and from my Waltham apartment, my box spring wouldn’t fit up my stairs.  We had to take out my front window and pull it up with rope.  Yikes!

– Hottest Move – Never ever move to Boston for the first time in August!

My current move may be one of my most emotional.  I’m living with a family and have really bonded with the little girls.  We’re all a little traumatized by the thought of not seeing each other every day.  I’m not moving that far (30 minutes away), but that’s a lot when they have such a busy life.

Hopefully I’ll have some pictures soon of the new place (lots of windows, all hardwood floors).


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