The Paris Wife: A Novel

I’m rather glad that I got the book The Paris Wife: A Novel as an audio book.  With a hard copy book I would have been in possibly awkward places when let out cries of “Dump his ass!”.  Instead I was in the safety and comfort of my own car.

While I’ve never been a huge fan of Hemingway and others of that set (F. Scott Fitzgerald), my view of them dropped even further after reading this book.  I understand that this is a novel and therefore makes no claim to be the absolute truth.  However, scenes where Hemingway forces him to have his mistress in bed with them are…. repulsive.

Dump his ass!

As it was an audiobook, I am less sure about the quality of the writing.  It didn’t strike me as outstanding and I’m fairly certain that if it wasn’t in my car, I probably would have ended up abandoning the book.  The characters are fine, though none truly likeable.  The plot follows Hemingway’s rise to literary stardom.

Did I like the book?  Not much.  Was it badly written?  No.  Would I recommend it?  No.


One thought on “The Paris Wife: A Novel

  1. I don’t think I could handle reading this book anywhere but my car. I would be outraged if she didn’t “Dump his Ass.” Thanks for letting me know that THAT’S what this book is about and not the prettiness of Paris.

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