A Little Experiment

I am seriously miserable today.  For one of the first times in this hay fever season my nose is my enemy, my eyes are itching and my brain is cloudy.  Despite promises that this could be one of the worst allergy seasons in years, I have generally been okay up to now.  What brought the change?  I have a theory.

I bought my first air purifier back in 2009 hoping that it would help with my horrible seasonal allergies in the UK (and the UK allergy season seems to stretch even longer than the New England season), as well as to offset the fact that I was in a carpetted room (which generally causes me problems).

I ran that poor air purifier to death, but wasn’t sure I was seeing any difference.  I still had bad seasonal allergies and seemed to have some allergies year round.  Evidently these air purifiers weren’t all they were cracked up to be.

When I moved out of that house in 2011 we discovered that there was nasty mold all around the edges of the room, so I was willing to allow for the fact that even an air purifier couldn’t help me against those odds.

In my next house I ran the air purifier some, but not all the time and my seasonal allergies were gone.  Now, I did start taking anti-histimines earlier and with more regularity and I had moved from the ‘garden of England’ into a concrete jungle, which could have also been a factor.

When I moved back to the US I ran an air purifier every night while I was sleeping.  I ate local honey every day through February and started taking anti-histimines at the beginning of March.  I have been absolutely fine.  When I moved a few weeks ago we found some mold in the room, but it hadn’t seemed to bother me.  All good news.

In my new house I’m continuing to take my anti-histimines every night, but two nights I have forgotten to put on the air purifier at night.  In both cases I woke up and thought “oops” and then suffered all day (today being the worst so far).

This leads me to believe that while anti-histimines are very very important (I don’t want to think about how much worse this would be), air purifiers (of the HEPA variety) actually do work.  I was a bit skeptical at first, but my recent unintentional experiments have convinced me. 

Now to make sure I remember to turn that thing on every night so I don’t spend the next day in misery!!

(for those who may be interested, this is the air purifier I’m currently using.)


2 thoughts on “A Little Experiment

  1. I’ve been having a pretty miserable allergy season myself, so I’ll have to look into an air purifier. I keep meaning to try local honey, too, since I’ve heard that helps. I just…don’t like honey. Maybe in my tea…

  2. I had the honey in tea (or in a smoothie), not just by the spoonful. Worked just as well. I did use raw honey. Not sure if that makes a difference.

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