Rock of Ages

I’ve been dying to go to a movie.  Sure, movies at home are great, but I wanted to go into a theatre and get lost in a story on the big screen.  The other day I had some free time, so I figured now was my moment.

Side note – why is it that when I have time to go to a movie, there’s nothing out I want to see and then all the movies I want to see come out at the same time (and I’m inevitably busy)?

I looked at the possible options and picked Rock of Ages.  I was looking for something fun that would be good to see on a really big screen.  And off I went.

The movie hasn’t had stellar reviews and I can understand why.  However, I thought it was a really fun movie.  Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be full of belly laughs, but it went so far over the top it was a satire of the rock and roll world.  Neither of the two main actors, Diego Boneta and Julianne Hough, really had what it takes to carry a movie like this.  Boneta has a decent voice, but Hough’s is thin and doesn’t really work for big rock anthems.

Then Stacey Jaxx (played by Tom Cruise) shows up.  I haven’t been a huge Tom Cruise fan since the days of Top Gun, but he is thoroughly amazing in this movie.  He keeps your eyes riveted to the screen.  I had moments of boredom in the rest of the movie, but where Jaxx was, there was my attention.

Other characters barely warrant mention.  Russell Brand in a truly horrible wig?  Alec Baldwin looking like he’s in yet another self-mocking credit card ad?  Catherine Zeta-Jones as a high-kicking do-gooder?  The plot lines for these characters were over predictable.  Brand and Baldwin serenading each other with Air Supply?  Didn’t see that one coming?  Church going do-gooders with skeletons in the closet?  You don’t say.

Despite the thinness of the script (and some of the voices), Rock of Ages is a fun summer movie.  It’s way over the top and doesn’t take itself too seriously.  And, of course, I went home and hopped on iTunes to download many of the songs (by their original artists).  C+


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