Photo Friday: Brimfield Awesomeness

Yesterday was my long planned trip to the Brimfield Antique Fair.  I had been to it years ago before I left Massachusetts and had a great time.

Even when I was in the UK, antique dealers had heard about it and wanted to go.

With an apartment to furnish and an appreciation of unique items, I couldn’t wait to see what I could find.

Unfortunately, my partner in crime called in sick, so I was own with just just the blazing hot sun and thousands of other crazy people for company.  It was so hot I kept drinking constantly, which kept me from taking pictures at the event.  I think I might have seen half of the show (it’s fields and fields and fields full of vendors) in the four hours I was there.  Incredible stuff.  I would have loved to buy some of the furniture (not to mention the Russian icons), but I stuck to a few small things.

Item 1:

The first place I bought from had nautical items and it turns out they were from Nova Scotia, Canada.  Pretty awesome.  I bought a float in cobalt blue, which looks beautiful hanging from my ceiling.

Item 2:

A sugar dish in milk glass.  At least I think it’s milk glass.  I came to realize that there are several different things that look like blue milk glass (which I love).  I think it’s beautiful.  It doesn’t match my existing milk pitcher of antique pyrex.  I love depression era glass.

Items 3, 4 & 5:

Last time I was at Brimfield I picked up a lovely mid-century casserole.  This time I picked up two custard cups (how cute will they be with ice cream in them?) and another casserole.



There were so many more lovely things I would have loved, but the budget had to be watched.

There’s always September (and three more shows next year).


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