Proof I Lack the Survival Instinct

I went into this weekend tired.  It’s been so hot and it’s hard to sleep at night.  I was hoping to do some catch up this weekend.

Yesterday I was helping out some friends who just had a new baby, so I took their other 4 kids off their hands for a while.  It was just a trip to the library and out for some ice cream, but by the time I got home I was exhausted.  I managed to feed myself dinner (how do single mom’s do it?) and stagger to bed.

At 5 am the fun began.  Knocking on the door.  My landlady calling my name.  Is this a dream?  I managed a robe and stumbled to the door and got it open.  A carbon monoxide alarm going off and the fire department was saying to evacuate the building.

Now, in my defence, she did say that it wasn’t an emergency and they were evacuating as a precaution.

However, I think I might have stretched that.  I changed clothes, went to the bathroom.  Gathered some stuff and made my way downstairs.

Why, you ask, did I feel the need to wear a hat?  Bad hair?

Why an iPhone and an iPad?  Did I think I was going to get bored?

Why did I take a drink outside with me?

And, I brought a coat.  Because it’s only 90 degrees outside right now.

Thankfully I also brought my keys – the one thing I should have taken.

And then I was asked if I was tired or disoriented.  Well, yes.  It’s five am and I’m dressed like a crazy person carrying an Apple Store.

It was only a detector malfunction (evidently common in this humidity).  However, I’m not sure I’ll live down the other people who live in flats in the house seeing me in my full crazy finery!

I keep telling myself that if it was a fire I would have skipped the clothing choices, snacks and Apple products.  Good thing this was just a test!


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