TV Tidbits

Having been out of the country for a while, I had it in my mind that US tv stopped in late May and resumed in September. In some ways it does (where are you The Good Wife), but a whole new type of show debuts. This week many of those shows wrap up, so it’s been a bit like finale week.


Yes, I’m probably the only person in the country watching this show. In some ways it is highly flawed. One of those ways is Robin Thicke. It’s cheesy, predictable and unlikely to be renewed. However, I enjoyed getting to know and appreciate John Legend a little better. I love his voice and he’s definitely one of the smartest tv judges out there. I enjoyed Jennifer’s voice, which made me look up Sugarland and download a few tunes. I have to say that parachute pants are a bad fashion choice for pretty much anyone, but shiny ones on a pregnant woman? No! I’ve always liked Kelly Clarkson and loved hearing her sing a variety of music, though as a judge she was fairly lacking. Robin Thicke was unbearable.

The contestants weren’t bad. It was good to see (in my opinion) the right final three contestants battle it out. All three were enjoyable to watch. Would I buy their record? Probably not, but they made for enjoyable summer television. J Rome won, which was to be expected, since he was at the top of the charts every week.


Design Star

This show has its finale tonight. As with other seasons, I enjoyed watching the contestants stretch their design skills. It’s really amazing what you can do to a space in 48 hours. I like David Bromstad and think he’s a great mentor to the contestants. His ideas are always good and advice sound. Can he come over to my house and give me some ideas?

The only issue with this season is that I didn’t really have a favorite I wanted to root for. Many of the contestants are talented and interesting to watch, but none really stood out to me. I’ll watch the finale tonight, but I’m not that invested.


Next Food Network Star

Now this one I was invested in. First of all, I love Alton Brown, so that was the reason I watched the show. I wanted to see him mentor the potential stars. He added to this interest by choosing really interesting people for his team. Justin was my favorite from day 1 for his interesting idea and presence. I was less keen on Marty, as I couldn’t really see myself watching her show.

I’m no fan of Bobby Flay and he seemed to pick people as abrasive as himself for his team. Michelle stood out on his team, possibly because of her focus on New England. She cooked interesting food and didn’t seem as hyper competitive as her team mates. Side note – some of this competition might have been generated by the producers to give more drama. Nikki made me crazy.

Giada seemed to pick people for her team that she could mother. I didn’t think she had any stand outs on her team.

In the end Justin won, which I think was deserved. He did well on every challenge and has real star potential. I just hope the network doesn’t ruin him. Stick close to Alton!


I’ve also been enjoying a renaissance of Canadian television. I watched Season 1 of Slings & Arrows, which was unexpectedly enjoyable. It’s so different from US television that it took me a while to adjust, but by the end of the season (only 6 episodes) I was loving it. I’ve also been watching George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight/The Hour. Great interviews on interesting subjects. I feel smarter after I watched it and I’m always entertained.

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