Tummy Troubles

I woke up on Monday quite sure I had food poisoning and it’s been quite an interesting week.

After lying completely still for 4 hours, I declared myself much better and went to work for 3 meetings I didn’t feel I could miss.  I really should have.  What is it about being sick that makes you think you can just ‘power through’?  Everything I got near while I was sick has completely fallen apart and required much work to repair.

So, meeting three of three is one that I’m running, which is a very very bad plan.  By this time I’m very nauseas and clutching my ginger ale for dear life.  As I’m trying (and failing) to run this meeting I realize that my current number one objective for the meeting is to not actually get sick in the meeting.

The good news is that I succeeded in my goal.  The bad news is that my objective set the bar a little low for the meeting.  Hopefully all involved will forget it soon!

Tuesday I just couldn’t get out of bed at all (I even called in sick to the wrong person, which was a new low for me), which prevented more disasters.  I stuck with Gilmore Girls, Olympic coverage and a little reading.  Quite enough for my overstretched system.

Anyhow, it appears it might not be food poisoning, as more people at work have the same symptoms.  Which would also explain how very rough I felt today.

Hey tummy – I have weekend plans.  Get yourself together!


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