Dear NBC

Dear NBC,

Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard it all by now.  All the complaints and moaning.  However, I have a couple of comments to add.

1.  Running ads for your fall shows has done you no good.  They were horrible.  I might have tried out some of the shows in the fall, but the ads convinced me that all of your new shows lack entertainment merit.  Showing that crappy Animal show during the Closing Ceremony only added to my annoyance.

2. Your editing was horrible.  It started with bumping “Abide With Me” for a Ryan Seacrest interview.  Never exchange art for Ryan Seacrest.

3.  There are other countries.  Showing races where you only show the American results is just mean.  You regularly didn’t even show the bronze medal finish if it wasn’t an American.

4. Diving.  I really enjoy diving, but I had to watch it on mute as the commentators were so bad.  At one point they couldn’t stop saying the judges were wrong.  I don’t know a lot about diving, but I could generally get my calls closer to the judge’s scores than the commentators.

5.  Talking heads.  Ryan Seacrest should stick with American Idol.  I didn’t hear him say one thing worth listening to.  Bob Costas looked like the walking dead.  His skin is pulled a little too tight and his make up looks like it was applied by a mortician.

6. Tape delay.  It really took all the fun out of the Olympics.  Especially since you showed many major events very late at night.  I ended up watching the coverage a day late, which was a bummer.

Overall, I’m so very thrilled to be able to change the channel.  Your Olympic coverage and surrounding hoopla served to convince me to avoid your channel (and get a VPN if you do the television coverage of the next Olympics).



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