Velvet Elvis

This wasn’t the first time I read Velvet Elvis.  In fact, it wasn’t the second time I read it.  However, it had been quite a while since I had read it.  And since I’ve been finding theology a little bit tough lately, I thought a re-read was long overdue.

The writing in the book really holds up over the years.  Bell may have moved on to other topics, but Velvet Elvis is still revolutionary seven years later.  I still underlined new things and it still caused me to pause to think.

One of the quotes, near the end of the book, I particularly liked this time was:

“Ultimately our gift to the world around us is hope.  Not blind hope that pretends everything is fine and refuses to acknowledge how things are.  But the kind of hope that comes from staring pain and suffering right in the eyes and refusing to believe that this is all there is.”

I needed a refreshing step away from the “same old same old” and thankfully this book still fills that role for me!


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