Welcome to the Photo Project

I have great respect for the people who manage to complete a photo a day project for a year.  Lots of dedication.

I’ve  never been able to do it.  However, the other day, before my birthday I pondered “what about a year in 365 images”.  The photos won’t be one from every day, but the hope is to produce 365 quality images (Dear U2, if you could just tour this year, that would help a lot!).

I’m going to try some interesting things.  I’m going to explore some black and white.  I’m going to work on my urban photography.  Hopefully it will be fun for both me and you.  Leave your comments and let me know what you think.

Photo #1

This past weekend my friend Sarah and I did some street photography in Holyoke, MA.  It’s a city that I love and it was great to finally start capturing it.


This place was fabulous (and will appear in other photos).

So, as the photo says – Welcome!!


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