TV Round Up

Remember how I wrote that I was too busy to write?  Well, my body had other ideas.  I’ve been out with a fever-y, flu-y, cold-y thing for the end of last week and I’m still feeling awful.

Now, on the up side, I’m catching up on my dvr and television.

Nashville – The reviews for this new show were so good, I couldn’t resist watching the pilot.  Such high production values.  Such lush autumnal tones.  So much beautiful hair.  So many possible subplots.  All signs point to plenty of potential on this one.  We’ll see what episode two brings.

The Mindy Project – I’ve watched two episodes so far and I wasn’t impressed.  Predictable.  Juvenile.  Needs a major shake-up to be a real success.  Dropping.

Elementary – Given my love of Sherlock, I thought I’d at least try this.  Good, not great.  More like a second rate House.

Old Favorites:

Upstairs Downstairs – I’m loving this series on PBS.  I missed the first season last year, but thankfully PBS obliged and showed it again.  In keeping with BBC work, the show is fantastic.  It does seem a little odd for the BBC to produce a series on such a similar premis to Downton Abbey.  Which is better?  Tough to say.  Each episode ends with a tension that leaves you waiting impatiently for the next episode.

The Good Wife – I generally love this show.  However, this season it seems to be working too hard on the kinky sideshow.  Does CBS really think this will bring in new watchers?

New Girl – This show is staying fresh and funny.  Enjoying it.

Dancing With the Stars – The format has gotten a little bit stale, however, bringing back all the old favorites has overcome the boredom.  I’m sad to see Drew Lachey out so early.  Favorite right now is Giles.

Sherlock – Yes, I know I’m catching up late but I had one more episode on my dvr.  Each of these episodes is like a well written film.  So tightly scripted.  Such perfect cinematography.  And lovely set decoration.  When I saw Season 1 at the library, I picked it up to watch again.  I’m such I’ll find new things I missed the first time around.  Again, kudos to BBC for great television.

Revenge – I just discovered this one over the summer, so it’s hard to call it an ‘old favorite’.  Thanks for the special summing up the first season for me.  Much appreciated.  Second season doesn’t seem quite as good so far, but it does seem like a bit of a one season premise.

The Big Bang Theory – Another show I picked up over the summer.  Funny and light.  Enjoyable.

Scandal – I really enjoyed this in the spring.  So far this year I’m not as excited about it.  It seems to lack the tension in the writing that it had last season.

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight – I know all you Americans (and Brits) are scratching your heads.  This is a Canadian show that I watch online (  Last season it was on at 11 (I think) and this season it is on at 7, which has brought some big changes in format.  Plus, it went from an hour to a half hour.  Still the best interviews on television (seriously, check them out), but the pacing of the show seems off and the “3 Things” panel feels like filler.  Hopefully they find their feet in this time slot.  It’s a great show, but now I’m just watching the interviews.  I miss the debrief (day’s news) and other features of last year’s show.


Wow – this looks like I watch a lot of television.  Generally I don’t – maybe an hour a night.  Caught up on a lot this week while remaining horizontal.

What are you watching this fall?  Am I missing the good new shows?


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