The Singles

After reading The Sacrifice of Tamar I desperately needed something lighter.  Work was demanding and I didn’t have the emotional energy to handle a novel that would make demands on my brain or my emotions.

I had picked up this book at the library thinking the premise, people attending a wedding as singles and the bride’s feelings that this was just inconvenient for her, might be interesting.

Frankly, a week after I finished this book I’m having trouble remembering the plot.  I remember that there were too many ‘main’ characters.  Particularly the male characters all seemed to blend together.  There was a stereotypical quality to most of the characters.  I could anticipate there moves because I felt I had seen them before in other novels.

This book was fine as I read it.  Entertaining, but almost instantly forgettable when I put it down.  Now, I was in a place where that was exactly what I needed, so that’s not as much of a complaint as it might sound.

Strangely, I didn’t think the plot was reflected well by the description on the back cover, which is odd.  Normally I feel like the back covers give too much of the book away.



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