Reading Betrayal by Evelyn Anthony was like walking into a time warp.  A good, old fashioned cold war spy novel, Betrayal follows a Soviet defector in England.  The English are trying to get information from him.  The Soviets want him dead.  Cloak and dagger ensues.

Normally I wouldn’t look at this on the shelf at the library.  However, Evelyn Anthony books were a staple of my teenage years.

I’m sure if I analyzed the prose on each page, it wouldn’t stand up to the greats of literature.  However, given that I was constantly straining to read faster to see what happens next, I hardly noticed.  I hadn’t read the book for at least 15 years, but I still remembered a few of the twists and turns.

It’s fun to remember an old favorite genre.  Russia as the big bad enemy exists no where but in Mitt Romney’s mind now.  It was fun to visit history for a few days though.

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