Election Day

After two years of campaigning, the election is finally here.  Last US presidential election I was out of the country and voted by absentee ballot (which was kind of fun, btw), so I’m looking forward to experiencing this one live on the ground.

I have to say that despite being a political junkie, I haven’t enjoyed this election much.  Part of it was that the election was too close to call most of the time, which made me nervous.  However, it was also the tone of the election and some of the outlier characters.

In Massachusetts, the Senate race between Scott  Brown and Elizabeth Warren has been nasty.  I was torn at the beginning of the campaign, but Brown’s election ads and his nasty demeanor in the debates convinced me he’s not the kind of person I want representing me.  Seems like a nasty piece of work to me.  If he loses, it will be his own fault for the tone he’s taken throughout the campaign.  I’ll be thankful to have the election ads off my television.  I have to mute them as they send my blood pressure soaring.  I can’t tell you how thankful I am not to be in a swing state and bombarded by more ads.

When Romney was the governor of my state I kind of liked him.  As Republicans go he was moderate and seemed to do a good job of righting the economic ship.  And Romneycare is pretty good stuff.  Very progressive for a Republican.  I really felt he was a genuinely good guy with high moral standards.

Then he got into presidential politics.

If ever there has been a candidate that seems to have sold their soul for a shot at the White House, it’s Romney.  The moderate is gone, replaced by a far right mask that sometimes slips.  He’s being controlled by the money and the puppet strings show.

Why does the Republican Party keep picking moderate candidates with relatively wide electoral appeal and then try to shape them into the image of the Radical Right?  McCain?  Good guy until the presidential race started.  Romney?  Stable, good fellow until he was forced to change all his views and pretend to be someone else.

Realistically, I would probably have voted for Obama no matter who the Republicans had run.  I think he’s a strong president and has done a lot of good, despite being elected at a difficult time.  I hope he has four more years to work on his agenda.

What has really frightened me in this election has been the Republican outliers (I hope they are outliers) with their comments about legitimate rape, rape being the will of God and some women being ‘easier to rape than others’.  As a woman, it frightens me to share a country with these people.  Obviously, we have freedom of speech, but shouldn’t these people face some sort of consequences for hate speech against women?  Why hasn’t Romney spoken out against this?  Why do I have the sneaking feeling that Ryan agrees with them?  In fact, can old white men just stay out of my business all together??  Please!

I’m off to the polls this afternoon to do my duty.  Though my federal vote won’t matter much (Massachusetts is a sure thing), I want my voice heard in the Senate race and in the many, many ballot questions in my state (assisted suicide, legal weed, and many more interesting subjects).

Plus, my boss tells me that voting allows me to exercise my constitutional right to complain for the next four years.


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