Vaclav & Lena

I’m a little behind on my book reviews.  Sorry about that.  Work got a little nuts this month.  I still found a little time to read, but not much time to write.

I finished Vaclav & Lena about three weeks ago, which gives a different perspective from reviewing soon after completing the book.  At this point I can tell you that while the book was enjoyable to read, it is very forgettable.  In fact, after three weeks I had to push myself to remember the plot of the book.

The basic premise of the book is two immigrant children who are friends, get separated and meet again as teenagers.  The book moves back and forth between Vaclav and Lena’s perspective.

As you’re reading, the plot is predictable, even in the moments where it’s supposed to be a shocking twist.  This was Haley Tanner’s first novel and I think that it shows.  Hopefully she continues to improve (this novel was generally well reviewed) and her next book is a great one.


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