One Moment, One Morning

onemomentI’ll admit that I picked up One Moment, One Morning for three rather dodgy reasons.

1) I’m a little homesick for England and rather relished a book full of the places I miss (it’s set in Brighton and London), phrases I miss and things I miss.  There was no attempts to ‘translate’ things for the American audience. It was quintessential British life.

2) I’ve been pretty taxed at work and I needed a lighter novel to enjoy or the week (though one could argue that a book centered around a sudden death on the morning commute, isn’t exactly light).

3) I sat on so many trains while I liked in the UK wondering who all these other people sharing my train were.  We were this tiny community for this brief moment in time.  Then the door and we would all pour off and probably never see each other again.

I really enjoyed this book.  It centers around the death of Simon on the morning commute and the lives of three women on that train who were impacted.  You follow the week of Karen (the widow), Anna (the friend) and Lou (who was sitting across from Simon).  They examine their lives and make changes in response to that sudden moment on the train.

Sure, it’s another female emotional drama, but it was well written.  Even after I finished the book I kept reaching for the book to see what happened next.  That’s generally a good sign.

It’s a good premise.  At any moment things can happen that can change your life.  And you generally don’t know if the person across from you on public transport will become part of your life.  Strangers become friends.  Life changes.  Made me miss the London commute for a minute.  But only a minute!  Those commutes were awful!


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