Pre-Inaugural Thoughts

I remember four years ago sitting on my couch in England crying as I watched Obama being sworn in.  I was so afraid that day that he would be assassinated.  The country was so divided and there seemed to be violent hatred on the side of those who had lost the election (for an example, Palin’s website with the crosshairs over people she wanted eliminated).

I found Obama’s speech inspiring and had huge hopes for the coming four years.

Of course, all those hopes weren’t fulfilled.  The country was a mess and no president can just do what they want.  They have to deal with the log jam that is Congress and all the ‘checks and balances’ designed to prevent rapid action.

Did he achieve enough?  I chose to vote for him again.  His efforts for healthcare reform was courageous and necessary.  As could be expected, I don’t support everything he did.

And here we stand at the beginning of a new term.  The economy needs work.  Gun control needs to happen.  Healthcare reform needs to be protected.  Wars need to end.  There is much work to do.  I’m not as hopeful this time around, but I’m still grateful that the country elected an African American and that we’re slowly changing the country.


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