Left Behind

That horrible decision.  Is this book/movie/tv show bad enough to give up?  If I hang on just a little bit longer, will it get better?  What about all the time I’ve already put into this?

My current quandary comes in two forms:

keepThe Keep – Jennifer Egan

A few weeks ago, just before I started A Visit From the Goon Squad I found The Keep at the library as an audio book.  At this point I had great hopes for Egan’s works.  In a highly misguided step, I listened to The Keep in the car while I was reading Goon Squad.  Given that both follow a rather scattered format, it meant that my mind was a mess of characters and plot bits.  I stopped listening to The Keep until I finished Goon Squad.

The Keep had a clearer plot line, but it still kept crossing the line into the bizarre.  Yes, the descriptions were incredible, but I just didn’t like the characters.  Then, one day I was listening and the main character (presumably in his 30s) wakes up, hung over, quite unsure of whether he has just slept with an 80+ year old woman.  Enough.  I have no idea if the book gets better.  Just gave up at that point.


breakingbadBreaking Bad

So many people have recommended this show that I finally decided to give it a go.  I’m three episodes in and I’m…. well….. traumatized.  It’s violent.  The characters aren’t likeable or relatable.  I’m failing to see why it’s so loved.  Sure, it’s bizarre and keeps going places that you don’t think it would dare go, but is that enough to make a good show?  Frankly, I watch television to be entertained.  I would think that it was just that I’m a wimp, but I did watch all the seasons of 24 and loved season one of Homeland.  But that’s because the writing was great and the characters were good.

Do I continue on with the next three episodes of this season?  Some people are saying it only gets really good in season four.  That’s a lot of hours of television to watch before it gets good!  Thoughts?  Anyone?



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