48 hours at home by myself.  It takes a lot to make me want to shovel.  The thought of eventually getting out of here did it!

I had great plans to clean the whole house, write, read highbrow books….  Nope – sat on the couch (mostly) and relaxed.

A few of the things that kept me going while snowed in:

slingsSlings & Arrows Season 2

I’ve been waiting to watch the second season of this show.  The first season was quirky, but won me over.  Season two was also really good.  I enjoyed the surprise appearances by so many familiar Canadian actors (it took me a while to realize that one of them was Jonathan Crombie/Gilbert).    The great thing about limited seasons is that you can watch the whole thing in a weekend (if you want to play with your mind).


crazystupidCrazy Stupid Love

I had seen most of this once on an airplane, but that teeny tiny screen just doesn’t do justice to Ryan Gosling.  When I saw this DVD on an incredible sale on Black Friday, I decided it was worth it for the ‘Dirty Dancing’ scene alone.  The movie definitely benefited from the larger screen!




It’s sort of a tradition for me to bake when I’m stuck inside in a snowstorm.  This time I really really wanted to make brownies.  However, in all of my panic buying, did I buy any decent dark chocolate?  Nooooo.  I started digging through my cookbooks looking for the right alternative.  I found it in my Flour cookbook.  Molasses Ginger cookies –  I substituted some fresh grated ginger for the ground ginger (I like a little spice to my ginger cookies) and didn’t have any ground cloves, so I used cardamom.  They turned out great.

I also spent a good amount of time reading my latest book Canada by Richard Ford, but I’ll save those thoughts for a review when I’m done.


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