suitsI have to admit that I’ve been a little bit of an NCIS addict since they were running a marathon back in November when I had the flu. [Side note, if you have to get addicted to a show, one with at least 10 seasons is a good plan.]  All that time spent watching the USA network introduced me to series that I had never heard of before.  One of those was Suits.  Then a friend mentioned she likes it.  And then I found Season 1 at the library, so I decided to give it a shot.

There are many many reasons not to like Suits.  Many of the characters fulfil all the stereotypes of lawyers – brash, overconfident and self-centered.  The writing tends to be predictable.  I doubt I would be willing to spend time with the characters if I met them in real life.  And yet….   Somehow the show is very watchable.  Personally I think it is the Mike Ross character that makes the show relatable.   And you always suspect that Harvey does have a human heart beating somewhere within his chest.

I finished the season in just a few days (with some help from a snow storm) and it held my interest throughout.  It’s no West Wing, but it is an enjoyable show.


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