The Snow Child

snowchildUpon the recommendation of my friend Anne-Marie, I decided to give the book The Snow Child a try.  Ordinarily I might not choose to pick out a book about an aging couple building a life in Alaska and a possibly imaginary child that comes to visit them in the dead of winter.

I’m so glad Anne-Marie recommended this book.  From the simple premise, author Eowyn Ivey, crafts a beautiful books that kept me enthralled.  I devoured this book in three days and not because the reading level was simple.  I really cared about the characters and wanted to know how this could possibly end.

The style of this book is different from anything I normally read.  There was almost a note of magic in the story.  You had to suspend disbelief and get fully wrapped up in what was almost a fable.

I don’t want to tell too much of the plot, because it would ruin the book for future readers.  The book is about being open to things beyond your current understand and being willing to embrace and love those who come into your circle.

Find this book and read it.  Then tell your friends about it.  The Snow Child is Ivey’s first novel and it’s a real triumph.


One thought on “The Snow Child

  1. I’m so glad you liked it! I read it in about 5 days. I was wary of the magical too, but ended up loving the fine line of mystery (in the sense of a wonder revealed) woven throughout.

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