Boston Strong

The last 24 hours have had me thinking a lot about my time in Boston.  I started to remember so many awesome memories.  And I also thought of all those people who might be cancelling trips to Boston right now because they are concerned.

Here are some of the great things I did in Boston:

-I skated on the Frog Pond on the Boston Commons.  Just like generations of Bostonians before me.

– I went to numerous baseball games at the inspiring Fenway Park.  You can feel the history all through the building.  I never felt more like a Bostonian than singing with thousands of other Bostonians.

– I ate amazing Italian food in the North End.  There’s nothing quite like standing in line at Mike’s Pastry on a Saturday night and then eating the goodies on the steps of Faneuil Hall.

– I worked in Faneuil Hall and got to walk through one of the great Boston buildings every day.  One day I came out of work and there was Larry Bird at the unveiling of his bronze sneakers.

– I spent summer evenings wandering through Harvard Square people watching, listening to buskers and soaking in the atmosphere.

– I watched the lighting of the Christmas tree in Prudential Center.  It was especially meaningful, as it was sent by my hometown of Halifax.

– I sat on the banks of the Charles River listening to the July 4th concert and watching the best fireworks I had ever seen.

– I found community at Park Street Church.

– I got lost following the Freedom Trail – a red line through the city.  It takes real talent to get lost while following a red line on the sidewalk.

Like so many other people, I lived a critical part of my life in Boston and was shaped by the city.  I got to be a small part of the life of a truly great city.  I can’t wait to get back there this weekend.


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