trespassI had noticed Rose Tremain’s books while I was in the UK, but it took all this time to actually pick one up.  I found it as an audiobook at my library.

Trespass is the intertwined story of two sets of siblings, each with their own complex back story.  One set is English, the sister has moved to the South of France and the brother is considering retiring nearby.  The second set is French, the brother living in the family home and the sister living in some kind of exile in a small bungalow on the property.

This is a very dramatic novel, so much tragedy in these two families and so much tragedy in the book.  At times it felt overwrought.  I’m not sure if there was supposed to be suspense in the solving of the disappearance of a man in the book, but it seemed to me to be obvious well in advance of the big reveal.

The best thing about this book was hearing Juliette Stephenson narrate the book.  I can’t say I’d recommend the book and I’m torn as to whether to try another of her books.


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